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After a crash. Who is on your team?

Crisis inadvertently finds its way into our life when we are not expecting. Do you know that the majority of Car Crash injuries occur between the speed of 3mph and 12mph?uic-team-car-crash

In my experience, I see many people not getting the proper treatment, here is what is said. “I’m just sore, but not hurt”. “I took some Advil and feel ok”.  “I might have had whiplash but it went away.”

There are many reasons our health decrease. Have you ever wondered how you maximize your health during your course of an injury? Have you considered the negative impact on your health from an injury?   Why does chiropractic care matter? There are normally three stages of accident injury chiropractic care that each patient will go through during their course of chiropractic treatment.  These stages are relief accident injury chiropractic care, corrective accident injury chiropractic care, and maintenance care.

Before you begin treatment the main focus should be diagnosis. Here is why.

Corrective Care for Accident Injury Neck Pain Results

Corrective accident injury chiropractic care, on your other hand, takes longer because you are trying to correct the source of your issue.  Some issues in your length of this accident injury chiropractic care are your condition and integrity of your spinal column, your age and your physical condition, and the seriousness of your injury.  A complete correction is our goal, but not always likely for some. We have seen amazing results in our accident injury chiropractic care office.  Your accident injury chiropractor will discuss with you his recommendations for achieving a corrective state for your condition.t-fix-july-to-sept

Maintenance care is your final stages that make sure that the integrity of your neck and shoulder pain and neck is being maintained.  It involves a periodic checkup and adjustments as needed. Because our day to day activities put pressure on our bodies, we must continue to monitor your health of condition of your neck and shoulder pain and neck.  Regular chiropractic adjustments will help to make sure you are living at your most optimized condition and that your personal life maintains your ability to live with the best long term results possible.

What happens when you stop maintenance care? What happens when you stop getting accident injury chiropractic care? Some people are just worried about relieving your neck pain shoulder pain symptoms, while others know that a complete correction is best for their overall health. This is the primary idea of diagnosis. We can measure your correction.   Your choice is yours, but you should discuss this with Dr. Schramm so that you know your facts as they pertain to your accident injury case.  We want to help you, not just feel better but with all aspects of recovery along the way.

Utah Injury Clinic in Murray, Utah is your first stop after a crash.   Our team is your team.  We will help you, just call 801.747.2886, ask for Carol she will get you started.