How to Use a Foam Roller for Back Pain

Use a Foam Roller for Personal Injury Back Pain

What is a foam roller, anyway? No, it’s not an industrial device, and no, it doesn’t make soap bubbles. A foam roller is a big cylinder made of soft foam–think the front of a bulldozer, but much smaller. And exercising with a foam roller improves your back strength and eases or even eliminates many forms of personal injury back pain.

Use a Foam Roller for Personal Injury Claim Back Pain

No one likes personal injury claim back pain. Sometimes you cannot win no matter what you do: your back hurts sitting down, standing up, or even lying in bed. Often, personal injury claim back pain is caused by muscle strain from a personal injury claim back pain accident that forced the back to do something it is not made to do. Easing the muscles into proper position relieves the personal injury claim back pain. Using a foam roller as a workout tool, a regular routine of back exercises can prevent or even relieve most muscle-based personal injury claim back pain.

Use a Foam Roller for Personal Injury Fall Accident Back Pain

Just a few simple exercises with a foam roller make a world of difference. First, lay the foam roller on its side, like a wheel. Turn the foam roller lengthwise, so that it can roll to your left or right. Sit facing away from the foam roller, and–carefully–ease back with your spine along the length of the foam roller. Hold this position for about a minute. You will find that even as the foam roller supports your weight, you have to work to maintain balance and not roll off onto the floor. The idea is to retrain your back muscles to hold your spine without making your fall accident back pain worse. Slowly, roll from side to side, and notice how your muscles respond. Always stop if you feel fall accident back pain more than discomfort

Use a Foam Roller for Fall Accident Personal Injury Back Pain

Next, turn the foam roller sideways, so that it can roll toward you and away from you. Once again, lay with your back on the foam roller, but now across it. Start and your lower back, and work the foam roller up towards your middle back. Roll the foam roller beneath your back, and allow it to work up and down your spine. Most fall accident back pain comes from the lower back, so this exercise can be really crucial.

Personal Injury Back Pain Relief using a Foam Roller

Remember, safety comes first. Always consult a doctor or physical therapist before doing new back exercises. If you experience sharp or unexpected personal injury back pain again, stop. Even on an exercise like the foam roller, having a workout buddy nearby to help is a good idea. Do not overdo on your first exercise, either; ease into exercises and let your muscles recover.

Personal Injury Back Pain from Fall Accident and Relief

Though they say “no pain, no gain,” sometimes no pain means, well, no pain. Getting rid of back pain takes time and dedication, but with the right tools, you can ease that back pain away.

Use a Foam Roller for Personal Injury Back Pain.

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