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Preventing Neck Pain and Back Pain

To assist in avoiding headaches, neck pains, and back pain, try these useful tips from a Salt Lake City chiropractor, Dr. Jeff Schramm.

  • When you work on a computer, set the screen at eye level. Take small breaks at least every hour to move your head, neck and upper back.
  • Avoid foods with colors, dyes, preservatives, nitrites and nitrates.
  • Exercise three to five times per week with a combination of cardiovascular, flexibility and strength training. Manage stress ranges. Maintain adequate hydration.

Salt Lake City Chiropractor Preventing Headaches Neck Pain and Back Pain

When driving, adjust your headrest to the proper utah-injuyr-clinic-salt-lake-chiropractor-head-restposition, In the case of a rear-end collision. Prevention is key. Whiplash injuries can occur in automotive crashes and may cause long-term health issues such as neck pain, headache, and visual and auditory disturbance. Evidence suggests that non-natural head posture can significantly increase the potential for injury in a rear-impact collision.

Chiropractic Wellness: Neck Pain or Back Pain Relief

To assist in avoiding back personal injuries and back pain, commit yourself to consume a healthy, well balanced diet, maintain a healthy weight, engage in aerobic exercise and strength training activities warm up before activity, maintain correct posture, wear proper footwear, practice safe lifting method, quit smoking, and set and maintain regular chiropractic checkups.

Many things in life may simply be replaced if they are not maintained. Your body may be modified but not replaced, so it is important to take care of the one you have. When you treat your health like the treasure which it is, and do all the things you ought to do stay healthy! The goal of pain avoidance is wellness! Chiropractic care, is to maintain your health, rather than waiting until something hurts to look for neck pain and back pain management through chiropractic care.

Salt Lake City chiropractor, Dr. Jeff Schramm recommends all of his patients have regular maintenance visits for the simple reason your body needs it, whether you currently suffer from neck pain or back pain or headaches or not. Your health is a real choice. It is not something which just happens. Your personal choices and the ways in which you treat your own body will ad years to your life and life to your years.

Avoiding Neck Pain and Back Pain to Choose Health

When you are having neck pain or back pain, we are ready to guide you towards better health. Salt Lake City chiropractor, Dr. Jeff Schramm, specializes in chiropractic for many ailments and personal injuries like, car accident personal injuries, workplace personal injuries, neck pain and/or back pain, general sports personal injuries, cycling personal injuries, running, injuries and triathlon or other competitive neck pain or back pain injuries.