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Meet The Doctor

  • Dr.
    Jeff Schramm

    Dr. Jeff Schramm is a Chiropractic Physician serving SaltLake City and the surrounding communities. Located in Murray, UT. at 5526 S. VanWinkle Expressway by VASA Fitness.

    Dr. Schramm Graduated from Parker Chiropractic College in 2010. Before relocating to Murray Utah with his family. Dr. Schramm served the public in Mesa Arizona for 3 years where he focused on spinal correction using the science behind CBP, Dr. Schramm has theskills and tools to help every person.

    Dr. Jeff Schramm is an avid outdoorsman. He loves the mountains in the great state ofUtah. Dr. Schramm is an enjoys snowboardingand loves any physically challenging activity outside.

    Your experience Utah Injury Clinic is important to Dr. Schramm. He believes every person should have a 5 star experience at UIC. I hopeyou find yourself saying “I’ve found my chiropractor.” Dr. Jeff Schramm and the friendly team at Utah Injury Clinic are dedicated to you, your health and your chiropractic experience.

    We treat PEOPLE, whether youhave just been in an auto accident, have been seeing chiropractors for years or if this is your first experience, Dr. Schramm and the team at Utah Injury Clinic in Murray Utah work to suit your needs. Dr. Schramm has been focusing on the complexity of spinal injuries after a car crash. He is a fan of a complimentary consultation. The Dr. Patient relationship is important, come into Utah Injury Clinic at 5526 S. VanWinkle expressway. Murray, UT. 84117. And find the answers you have been seeking for.

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